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And we say goodbye to Journeyman

I’m sad the hear that Journeyman is being dropped by NBC. Journeyman was a great show with a gentleman named Dan Vasser who is literally forced by something into the past to complete goals and objectives.

Journeyman Title

The opening credits to Journeyman was something magical

The story had many amazing angles with family and friends trying to cope or understand Dan’s condition. Sometimes Dan’s actions from the past catch up to him and his family.

I’m sad to see this show go away.

I read this in the Journeyman Live Blog at

Journeyman was promising

Journeyman ran from 2007-2008 on NBC. The show premiered on September 24, 2007

Posted Dec 13, 07 05:38 PM

To the Fans,

Well, this is the message I didn’t want to post. I’m sure as most of you know by now, Journeyman will likely not be getting a back nine order. Rather than dwell on the reasons behind this decision, my fellow Executive Producer, the great Alex Graves and myself would rather remind people that our last two episodes will air next Monday night, December 17 th at 10 PM and Wednesday December 19th at 10 PM. These two episodes will provide some answers, plenty of speculation, a few surprises and hopefully some satisfying closure. They are, I promise you, very entertaining.
I want to thank the tireless and talented Kevin McKidd and the entire cast (in my opinion, the best on television and guess what, the kindest and most professional). Yes, it was hard breaking stories on this show, but it would have been harder without the collective genius of the writing staff. Every guest director that passed through said our crew was the best they ever worked with, basically telling me something I already knew. Some producers loathe their relationships with studio and networks, maybe that’s because they never worked for the executives at 20th Century Fox and NBC. My sincerest thanks.
And finally, to the fans. Thank you for appreciating a different kind of show that sought to not only entertain, but to provoke and inspire. I’d like to think it says a lot about you. When the numbers slipped and we sometimes seconded guessed ourselves, you gave us validation and so we stayed the course.
Oh, and your fight to save Journeyman has humbled and moved us. I’m certainly not going to tell you to stop now. Again, our sincere gratitude and a deep bow from the waist.
It’s been fun. I wish you all the Happiest of Holidays.

Kevin Falls

Piracy as a leading indicator of sales

One great way to determine whether your digital product is destined for greatness is how many people want to steal it. As the television industry is starting to realize, there’s a great deal of positive information that can be gleaned from illegal torrents of the shows. If no one … Read more

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Gold Pill makes your poop glitter for $425

Wow! Can you believe THIS SHIT? Literally.

Gold Pills Make you poop gold flakes

“If you’ve got so much money that you’re just looking for new ways to waste it, Tobias Wong and Ju$t Another Rich Kid created the Gold Pill for you.”

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