Writers Guild of America strike

It is no secret that the Writers Guild of America is on strike. And why they are striking makes complete sense to me.

The Writers Guild (approx 12,000 members) contract with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers expired on Oct 31 2007. What they want is more of the revenues from DVD sales and internet rebroadcasting. In the 1990s the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers only gave the writers a 1.8% cut of the profits of DVD sales due to it being an “Emerging Market” citing they needed 80% of the revenue to develop this market. Billions of dollars later those percentage points have not changed. So as DVD sales have fully matured without these percentage points sliding towards the writers we should be left wondering if the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers really care about the bread and butter of their industry.
And now we have another emerging market, Internet rebroadcasting. With companies like Netflix and iTunes we can only hope that the Writers Guild of America get a very decent chunk of this revenue stream before getting locked into another ass rape contract like they have been involved with since DVD/VHS percentages were set in the 1990s.

With this being said some actors and talk show hosts have been backing up the people who put the words in their mouths. EllenDeGeneres and the cast of the hit TV show “The Office” (Some of which write for their show) include just a few of those willing to respect the Writers Guild of America.

“It is unfortunate that they choose to take this irresponsible action,” a Producer has been quoted saying about Writers deciding to picket. Well this blogger feels that the Writers have been screwed out of a larger portion of a billion dollar cash flow in the past and they NEED to make their point known that they are NOT going to be screwed out of another cash boom. The Internet and cellular distribution.